Sunday, December 1, 2013

iPhone photos and an empty DCIM folder

My iPhone was overflowing with photos. I've used iCloud to sync them to the computer in the past and it has been ok. The lack of online viewing/sharing is a real negative with iCloud. Recently I tried out the improved SkyDrive app. I like the online viewing of photos and the sharing options are great from SkyDrive. The app needs to be launched each time to start the upload process. Once started it will sync a little over 100 photos at a time but then it needs to be refreshed to continue. It really needs to use the location services to trigger an upload when I get home. The other downside is that it doesn't upload videos.

Once all of my photos were uploaded to SkyDrive I wanted to download the videos and remove the photos to clear up some space. I've avoided installing iTunes on my latest computer, but no problem I figured I would just plug in the iPhone and direct access the pictures from the DCIM folder. After plugging in the phone the DCIM folder was empty and Windows photo import listed 0 pictures. Some panicking and searching lead me to the solution (one of the more helpful links here). I needed to unlock my phone first and then plug it in. Security is often an annoyance especially when there's no visible feedback about what to do.

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