Friday, October 10, 2014

Adding a formatted hyperlink to a Word document using Open XML

I was looking for a way to insert a hyperlink into a Word document I am creating using the Open XML SDK (v2.5). I found a couple of examples on the web and got them to work. The link that was created was clickable but it wasn't styled like a hyperlink. After some trial and error I figured out the issue. Since I was creating the document from scratch it has no styles defined in it. So I created a link in word and copied the hyperlink style.

Here is the example code:

const string outputFilename = @"c:\temp\linked.docx";
using (var wordDocument = WordprocessingDocument.Create(outputFilename, WordprocessingDocumentType.Document)) {
	var mainPart = wordDocument.AddMainDocumentPart();

	// Create the document structure and add some text.
	var doc = mainPart.Document = new Document();
	var body = doc.AppendChild(new Body());

	// Start a paragraph with some text
	var para = body.AppendChild(new Paragraph());
	var run = para.AppendChild(new Run());
	run.AppendChild(new Text("This is a formatted hyperlink: ") {
		Space = SpaceProcessingModeValues.Preserve // Need this so the trailing space is preserved.

	// Create a hyperlink relationship. Pass the relationship id to the hyperlink below.
	var rel = wordDocument.MainDocumentPart.AddHyperlinkRelationship(new Uri(""), true);
	// Append the hyperlink with formatting.
		new Hyperlink(
			new Run(
				new RunProperties(
					// This should be enough if starting with a template
					new RunStyle { Val = "Hyperlink", }, 
					// Add these settings to style the link yourself
					new Underline { Val = UnderlineValues.Single },
					new Color { ThemeColor = ThemeColorValues.Hyperlink }),
				new Text { Text = "Click Here"}
			)) { History = OnOffValue.FromBoolean(true), Id = rel.Id });



Anonymous said...

Very helpful, many thanks.

Micela S said...

Thanks a ton.