Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Working with Arrays in SurveyGizmo Custom Scripting

As mentioned in my previous posts (here) we do a lot of work with SurveyGizmo's custom scripting feature. It's kind of like PHP and kind of like JavaScript but different enough that I forget how to do basic things like create arrays. So thought I would post some examples of working with arrays.

Some examples of working with single dimension arrays:

// Declare array with values
%%locations = array('Jacksonville, FL',
        'Toronto, Canada',
        'Orlando, FL',
        'Chicago, IL');

// Declare new empty array
%%copied = array();

foreach(%%locations as %%location) {
        // Add element to array
        %%copied[] = %%location;

And with a for loop (NOTE: You must use curly brackets when using a variable as the key).
for (%%i=0; %%i<%%count; %%i++) {
 %%output .= "<br>".%%locations{%%i};

And with a 2-dimension array (or hashtable):

// Declare array with values
%%locations = array('Toronto' => 'Ontario', 'Jacksonville' => 'FL',
        'Orlando' => 'FL', 'Chicago' => 'IL');

foreach (%%locations as %%key => %%value) {
        %%output .= "City: ".%%key." State/Province".%%value;

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